Crystal of the Day for August 9th is Apatite


Spiritual and Healing Properties of Apatite:

Love of Others

This stone works much like rose quartz except the love is more love of others with this stone than of self as in rose quartz.
~forum post from whitehorse woman

Earth Consciousness

Apatite comes in many colors, the most common being the greens, and yellows. It has a hardness of 5 on a scale of 1-10. It helps those who are Earth conscious to continue on a path of helping our Mother Earth. It is a stone that many psychics use for it helps to open the third eye and brings revelations closer. It brings inner peace and is good for meditations as well.

Apatite Curbs Appetite

This is one stone that many use when trying to stay on diets, as it helps to curb the appetite. It shakes up the inner self and allows you to look at/for your own truth. Then to put those truths into action.
~forum post from stones