Ah, Happy and Blessed Tuesday To You, Lass & Lassie!

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday to All! I don’t know if you read the front of the blog or not. But I thought I would call it to everyone’s attention, we are having a Fund Drive right now. It runs till Sept. 9. There is a pentagram in the second column that is linked to a site you can donate at, if you wish. You can read our history and our story there. After cutting through all the bull there, the truth is “we are broke!” The internet is due to be shut off Saturday.

We have never asked our readers, members, friends or anyone else for a dime. This drive is something we are not proud to have to do. All of our finances are almost gone. We contribute what we can to the fund but it is not near enough. We do not want to have to leave the internet Saturday but if it is meant to be, then it is meant to be.

Lady Abyss:
I have been cosmic smacked twice. I guess the Goddess decided that I didn’t know what I was getting smacked for. One day, I hear Her speaking to me about spreading the Truth and Beauty of Witchcraft. To knock down walls, spread the wall, dispel all the old myths and stereotypes associated with us.  The Goddess’ work started in a group on MSN and it is still going strong on this blog. We have to continue our work, we have to spread the truth about Witchcraft. You wonder why I do this every day? I promised my Mother, The Goddess that I would do her work everyday through this blog. Now we need your help to keep the blog going and most of all keep our work to the Goddess.”
We will be posted how much the Fund has raised so far each day.
Today’s total: