Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for Aug. 5th – Aug. 7th

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

All or Nothing

August 5 – 7

Controlling your passion is a key to enjoying this weekend, which starts off with the Moon’s move into emotionally intense Scorpio on Friday morning. This lunar placement is all about desire and the craving for connection. But there’s a paradox within Scorpio’s nature — this sign can provoke risky personal behavior, but sometimes the depth of personal needs is so great that the tendency is to withdraw and hide from others. Being secretive, of course, does not earn trust, but blazing eyes and a hungry heart can frighten some people away.

Managing these extreme emotions well includes learning how and when to share them. Stop and consider the person you are with and his or her capacity to respond. There’s no sense in being overly seductive in a public place or with a shy individual who can be embarrassed by this kind of behavior. Profound interest in another can be expressed in subtle ways that allow you to move toward intimacy without making a big show of it. Seek out quiet places where whispered conversations and gentle touches cultivate the romantic connection you want.

The Moon’s placement in passionate Scorpio can also peel away layers of politeness and practicality to reveal what you want most from a partner. It’s hard to settle for less or to dance around emotions with this lunar position. You either want all of someone or nothing at all, making it less comfortable to engage in light chitchat or playful flirtations.

The mood lightens considerably on Sunday morning when the Moon fires into outgoing and optimistic Sagittarius, pulling you out of the deep emotional waters and lifting the heavy veils of intensity so playtime can begin. Relationship dramas fade so you can have the freedom to stretch your wings to explore new worlds or to embark on a fun adventure with the one you love.


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