Gemstone of the Day for July 24 is Bloodstone

Gemstone of the Day


This traditional names of the quartz family can be a little  misleading making the varieties seem more different from each other than they actually are. Bloodstone is essentially green jasper that has the addition of red brown or yellow markings created by iron oxides. However, this tiny variation brings quite a range of healing qualities, as well as making the best specimens – with distinct blood-red markings against a deep green base a sought-after carving material.

Identification and care

  • Good-quality bloodstone is used in the jewelry trade to lesser grades with smaller areas of colors are easier to find.


  • Offers protection from loss of life-energy
  • Helps to increase our worldly influence and prestige
  • Is traditionally linked with healing wounds and stopping blood-loss-a warrior’s stone. under the influence of the planet Mars