Energy Ebb and Flow

The chakras are the area of the highest density of energy and therefore the easiest places to exchange energy with the outside world. These are the places through which we control the flow of our energy, both internally and externally. To those people who can see energy, the chakras look like spinning balls or wheels  of light–hence the name which comes from a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or circle.

Most Eastern tradition describe a chakra system consisting of seven major chakras, with each one associated with an area of the body. The chakras create a pathway of spinning energy hot spots along the axis of the body.

Chakras go in and out of balance and alignment naturally, fluctuating with everyday highs and lows. The little stresses of life, minor illnesses, emotions, and even your thoughts can change the equilibrium of your chakra system. Your energy, and therefore your chakras are influenced by everything you do. When you are feeling anxious or unwell, or are not following your path in life, you chakras, may shift way out of alignment and if left untreated, take a long time to realign.