Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for July 15 – 17

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Easy, Breezy

July 15 – 17

A Full Moon in hyper-responsible Capricorn late on Thursday night tends to place productivity above pleasure as you’re reminded of your worldly obligations. Happily, for lovers and those seeking romance, the Moon floats into airy Aquarius on Friday afternoon to blow away accumulated worries. This friendly sign sets the mood for the weekend, making it easy to connect with people as conversations flow freely.

A non-judgmental atmosphere opens minds to all different styles of dress and entertainment. A more tolerant environment is great for exploring unusual individuals and unfamiliar experiences. Experimenting within a current partnership or when seeking a new romance reduces the pressure and increases interest.

You are able to strike a healthy balance between your need for adventure and a more mature approach to your obligations as the Moon aligns favorably with reliable Saturn on Saturday morning and with passionate Mars that night. But all this activity occurs in air signs that are more comfortable with ideas than emotions.

People may appear to be open and accessible, which is true to a degree, but you could come away with the feeling that you haven�t connected in a deep way. If you try to crowd someone or feel like a person is invading your personal space, politely step away and explain your need for a little privacy.

The weekend works best for those who like romance on a non-committal level, as if it’s a chance encounter of two ships passing in the night. Deep feelings and intimate moments are still possible; just don’t expect most people to be in the mood to deal with the sticky details of complicated emotions.