Moon Signs

Just as the sun does, the moon travels through the constellations of stars that we call the zodiac; or astrological signs. Whereas the sun take a year to travel through them all, spending approximately thirty days in  each sign, the moon usually spends two and a half days in a sign, thus  passing through the whole zodiac in approximately one lunar month. Does the moon actually travel through these signs? No, of course not. It appears to do so from our vantage point on Earth, however.

Each sign has a different personality that affects the lunar (or solar) energy when the luminary is passing through it. For example, if your spell is to help you meet new people, then you might choose to cast it when the moon is in the sign of Libra, the sign associated with social issues.  The lunar energy you use to power your spell will be enhanced with Libran energy. Here’s a list of correspondences for the signs of the Zodiac. The correspondences are applicable to the moon, and of course to the sun as well:

  • Aries   energy is good for new beginnings and action

  • Taurus   energy is good for manifestation

  • Gemini   energy is excellent for communication and intellectual pursuits

  • Cancer   energy is associated with family and the home

  • Leo   energy is good for success

  • Virgo   energy is organized and practical

  • Libra   energy is terrific for social issues

  • Scorpio   energy is passionate and just

  • Sagittarius   energy is associated with study

  • Capricorn   energy is stable and good for business issues

  • Aquarius   energy is excellent for issues involving groups of people

  • Pisces energy is associated with mysticism and spiritual evolution