Happy Hump Day To Everyone!

Happy, happy Wednesday, dear readers! I have treated you to everything this week. Let’s see what was it Monday, would you believe I forgot??? I have other things on my mind today, I have to take my little Pomeranian to the vet today. She is feeling under the weather and it is bothering me.

Today, I thought I would keep the treats going. We are going to look at some crystals that we use all the time and some we may not. It should be interesting and I hope you enjoy it.

Also, I have been out goofing off again! I have had enough people tell me I ought to enter this blog in a best blog on the internet contest. Well, I got my nerve up and went and did it. I am waiting now to see if we get approved to be in the contest. If we do you will see a button at the bottom of the right column. That button will be a button that lead to a link to vote for this blog. I hope you will take time to vote for this blog. The way I understand it, you really get the publicity. So what better way to get the Goddess’ message out.  Please, please vote for us, if we get approved.

Now down to business……..