Witches Never Die, They Just Get Recycled

What is this life about and why are we here? Is there an afterlife? I get asked these questions a lot, especially by  teenage-witches who are curious to know the purpose of life and death. I usually answer by saying that a belief in an afterlife is a personal thing to each and every one of us, so you need to explore as many options as possible and then listen for your soul to find the truth for yourself.

Most witches throughout the world have a deep belief in reincarnation and the afterlife.  Common sense tells us that living a life again of approximately eighty years and then just disappearing forever would be pointless. What could we possibly learn from that? Nothing-and so the modern-day witch tends to think along the same lines as many other religions and faiths, taking comfort in believing that our spirit lives on after we die.

Imagine that your body is an automobile and it transports your spirit around for the duration of your life. Just like an automobile, your body occasionally breaks down and need repairing.A little tune-up every now and again will keep it in peak performing condition, and of course you’ll need to put the  right gas in the engine in the form of healthy good.  But no matter how good a caretaker you are the body that is your vehicle you are, the body that is your vehicle which can’t possibly last forever. Once it takes its last drive your soul steps right out of it and after a little rest with your loved ones in spirit, gets back into another vehicle. This is the crux of reincarnation your soul gets a new car to drive around the Earth in again, so to speak.