Crystals From Ancient to Journey

The forms of crystal healing that are in use today arose in the alternative culture of the 1970’s and 1980’s but like many complementary systems, they have developed out of old cultural traditions. The idea that every store has special magickal properties can be traced back through Europe literature  of the  early Middle Ages  to their sources in Greek, Roman and Arabic philosophy which in turn owe much to the Ayurvedic traditions of indian.

Modern crystal healers initially focused very much on the properties of rock crystal (clear quartz). Traditionally crystals of quartz have been highly valued  by healers around the world for their ability to connect with spirit worlds, to reveal and diagnose illness and to allow a Shaman or healer to remove the causes of disease. The use of crystals, crystal mirrors and crystal balls for divination is simply a continuation of the long tradition.

These mystical ways of using crystals are usually dismissed by modern science as mere superstition and yet science recognizes the unique – properties of minerals and crystals, making use of their characteristics in everything from wristwatches (quartz), automobile spark-plugs (kyanite), medical lasers (ruby) and space shuttle windows (sapphire).

The pragmatic and metaphysical views of the crystal world may seem to be mutually exclusive. However, both approaches are valuable. One provides useful tools and technologies, while the other enables us to see beyond the attention to one of these sides of our natures, we miss out on a wealth of experience – both are necessary to keep us whole and healthy. Crystal healing can restore fundamental balance to our existence.