Overview of July Horoscope 2011

July Horoscope 2011

by Jeff Jawer

Let Go and Grow 

July starts with the New Moon in cautious Cancer, which normally spurs sensitivity, sentimentality and an interest in holding onto the past. Memories occupy minds and hearts when attending to current domestic issues, which are likely to be more important. Stressful aspects from unpredictable Uranus, strict Saturn and pungent Pluto make it hard to feel secure. A desire to back away from present challenges, though, is at best a temporary escape rather than a solution to real issues.

This yearning for yesteryear lessens a bit on July 2 when communicative Mercury enters bold and outspoken Leo. This transit, lasting until the 28th, is excellent for humorous expression and creative ideas. Sure, we can go a little over the top with self-indulgent concepts and egocentric ways of talking. Yet if we avoid taking ourselves or others too seriously, we can enjoy the entertaining show of minds exploring new territory and feel inspired for the future.

Cancer the Crab’s connection to safe and familiar people and places gets more support when loving Venus enters this sign on July 4. The planet of romance seeks safety instead of adventure in Cancer, making it hard to experiment in matters of style and of the heart. Nostalgia paints beautiful pictures of the past that cover up much of its imperfections. Idealizing an old partnership is only helpful if you can take a lesson from it and apply it to your present life. Venus in Cancer is a time for adults to recognize that needs may be real but they can also grow and change over time, which is what really keeps love alive.

A powerful trine between expansive Jupiter and potent Pluto on July 7 can deepen conviction and beliefs. However, their strength and the ability to build a life based on them require careful examination. Truth, like love, is alive with growth and change. Don’t be afraid to doubt what you know as this transit will reward those who examine their truths and limit individuals who refuse to question them.

The Full Moon in crusty Capricorn on July 15 is a faceoff between duty (Capricorn) and instinct (Cancer). Finding balance between discipline and emotion is the lesson of this security testing lunation. On the 23rd the Sun strides into noble Leo, opening hearts and expanding pride. Leo’s drama may increase with Venus’ entry into the sign on the July 28. This transit kicks romance into higher gear for those willing to invest themselves fully into it, but it can disappoint those seeking heartfelt connections who are unable to take the risks required to achieve them. A dash of rationality returns with mental Mercury’s move into analytic Virgo, adding needed logic to these dramatic times.