More Information on The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra is situated at the top of the head. This chakra governs part of the spinal cord, the stem of the brain, pain centre of the brain and part of the nerves. When people become sick and suffer a lot of pain that they cannot handle, it is because the energy flow is blocked to this chakra. . . A lot of people are able to control their pain fresh hold levels through focusing on this chakra and flowing energy through, to stop any pain that is inflicting them. A lot of ancient warriors in Japan were able to be beaten and not feel the pain. Different cultural people who use to walk on hot coals, beat themselves and stitch sharp objects into their bodies, could come away from these ceremonies without any physical burns, wounds and pain, through the focusing and belief in this centre, and it’s role in understanding divine belief. . .

This centre through special focusing and breathing can control all pain. This is because it governs the organs and nerve centers that control our pain.

When not functioning properly on a physical level this chakra causes a loss of control over a person’s ability to live and interact with the world. Some people suffer from dis-eases that cause them to lose movement. Some of the problems that come from this chakra are blindness, deafness, paraplegics. Loss of limbs and any disease that attacks the nervous system, brain stem and spinal cord. There is a loss of energy flow and more so belief, which causes this chakra to become unbalanced.

This chakra is the chakra that can create miracles. If you believe and have hope, working with this chakra can bring about true healing on any level.

When functioning positively on the physical level. You will feel alive and filled with spiritual energy. Your health is radiant and your are strong in mind, body and spirit.

The Crown is at the very top of the body. . . As the base chakra connects us to Mother Earth, the crown chakra connects us to the heavens, to the stars and beyond. The sky and all the power and wisdom that belongs to our higher mind. This chakra is truly an amazing and life force energy channel for healing and spiritual awakening.

This chakra governs the connection that we have to the Divine. This chakra embodies belief, unconditional love and beauty.

When we believe, we are open to learning. When we learn we open ourselves to life’s experiences that challenge us to grow and evolve into better people.

When we open ourselves to unconditional love, we allow ourselves to love and accept all beings. We are free from judgment and we are non racial to others and their beliefs. We embrace the concept that we are apart of every living thing that exists. If you believe in God, the Creator or Great spirit, you believe that these beings are apart of you. . . With unconditional love you are ready to accept other cultures and their beliefs. You embrace the concept of brother hood and sisterhood.

Beauty is within. We are all beautiful. When we truly open our hearts and our eyes we see the beauty in all life. We are able to look at others who suffer from defects and scars with love and compassion instead of embarrassment and pity. We are able to focus on the beauty rather then the scaring. In fact a lot of us do not recognize afflictions on people unless pointed out to us.

On a spiritual level, the Crown chakra is our connection to healing and life force energy. This centre is connected to your higher mind. Your higher mind is the part of you that knows all the answers.

You are able to communicate to the trees, the animals and to mother earth herself. When you open this chakra up, you can channel through spirits from different planes, aliens and many more beings that communicate on this level.

This chakra can also send healing energy down through to the others’ chakras. Telepathy is a form of communicating messages to other people. If you find that you can sense a friend or family member trying to make contact with you, it is because your crown chakra is opened and you are using this centre to send out and receive messages.

The Crown chakra is like a transmitter to the whole universe. If you send out thoughts and ideals, dreams and goals through this chakra you will be heard and a lot of the times your prayers are answered. However you must learn to use this chakra to do this. I found through doing Reiki I was able to send out healing and also set up positive outcomes to events in my life through using this chakra as a transmitter. It worked. Now I use it all the time to help myself, my friends and my family and most importantly Mother earth.

There are two major colours that you can use with this chakra. One is purple and the other is white. White represents all the colors combined together. So all the energies that exist with all the colors flow and vibrate a powerful healing frequency through this chakra. White is divine, pure, honest and new.

Through inner healing and deep meditation we are able to unlock our true potential.

The clear quartz crystal is one of the most powerful crystals on earth. It promotes clarity and transmits energy that opens us up to all the wisdom of the universe. This crystal is very powerful when you focused it on the crown chakra.