Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for June 24 – 26

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

A Dose of Adventure

June 24 – 26

A fast and loose Friday fits the lunar landscape as the Moon is firing through irrepressible Aries. The freedom to change plans and act spontaneously can break through behavioral barriers with bold action and reckless abandon. New experiences and people can be especially stimulating yet impulsiveness can spur attraction or anger that may be regretted in a day or so. There is, though, one softening influence as the Moon makes a sweet sextile with alluring Venus to brighten up the late afternoon and early evening.

There’s a changing of the emotional guard on Saturday afternoon when the Moon swings into earthy Taurus. This comfort-loving sign moves at a slower pace, like Ferdinand the Bull leisurely smelling the flowers. Taurus is all about enjoying the pleasures of the senses, encouraging us to linger over good food and lounge around partaking in pleasing music or mellow conversation. Normally, this isn’t a very adventurous sign which would prefer to stay on the couch than go out to a club. However, a lunar conjunction with adventurous Jupiter and the Sun’s slick sextile to this giant planet add a big dose of optimism and a generosity of spirit that could make for a very special Saturday night.

The quiet confidence of Taurus is rewarded when we are comfortable with ourselves and don’t work so hard to impress others. Hope can be very high with these buoyant aspects, but it’s not quite the moment to make long-term commitments because whatever delicious social treats we discover on Saturday may taste very differently on Sunday. The Sun clashes with rebellious Uranus in a 90-degree square, making us suddenly more interested in independence and freedom than in pairing up and settling down.