Happy Friday, TGIF, However You Want to Say it, “The Weekend’s Almost Here!”

Good afternoon dear readers! I hope you are having a good Friday. I know I am. I love it when I have time to go out and ride my four-wheeler down into the creek bank. It give me time to think and ponder things that have been said or wrote to me during the day. I pride myself on being a thick-skinned witch. But there are still things that get under my skin. Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in the creek bed feeding the bigger wildcats and thinking about a couple of messages I had got involving this blog.

One involved me whining all the time on the blog. Before I thought it through I had made my mind up not to leave anymore personal messages or say anything about my life. Then in the middle of the creek bed and about four hundred pounds of wildcats, it hit me. This is my damn blog. I am not a very open person to start with. But for my readers to get to know me and feel  comfortable with me, I agree to occasionally write insights into my life. Now if my life is whiny, I am so sorry. But it is just my whiny life I guess, huh? What it all boils down to is this, the WOTC is my blog. I provide information for those wishing to learn or interested in Witchcraft. I do this because my Goddess told me this is what She wants me to do. I also try to let people see the true beauty about the Craft. Dispel old myths and stereotypes associated with Witches and Witchcraft. Now after I get through doing the Goddess’s work, if I want to whine, bitch, gripe or any of the above, I am going to do so. But I have remained a nice, sweet, loveable (hee,hee, in my own opinion, lol!) witch and I plan on staying that way.
For those of you who are new to blogs (and the author who wrote this was), the comments come in the back and I see them before I release them to the public for them to read.  Of course, I am not going to release the nasty ones to the public, but I can guarantee the author(s) of those comments a couple of things. You will have my undivided attention (which you don’t want)  and I am going to personally email you also. I am going to continue to do as I have always done. If you don’t like the blog, go on to the next one. But leave me in peace.

Second, this turned out to be bogus after I checked into it. I had several people (come to find out it all came from the same computer) write messages stating the style of my blog was unreadable, unorganized  and just a mess (I guess that is why someone made me an offer to buy it, huh?). They told me, they had been taking stuff from my blog to use on theirs’ and their readers were complaining because they couldn’t read the stuff. I mean really, no one can make this stuff up, lmao! Everyone knows I have no problem with anyone using info from this blog. But once you take it from here, it’s your baby!  The more I thought about this one, I almost busted a gut laughing! But come to find out what these people wanted was to sell me a $75 web blog kit for WordPress.  They don’t know it but they are knocking on a poor witch’s door, lol! But I have come to love WordPress and how they keep up with posts in the back and I am very serious on this. In the back, I get your message then I also get your ISP number, cool!  So all my dear friends have nothing to worry about. They keep a record of the ISP in case of a hacker, spammer, or butthead. And I was able to track those buttheads that wanted to sell me the blog kit.

Well guess I have whined enough for today. Enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a great weekend!

Love ya,

Lady A