Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for June 17 – 19

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

The Shadows of Love

June 17 – 19

The weekend starts with the Moon in calculating Capricorn on Friday. This orderly and organized sign is generally more favorable for managing well-planned events than freelancing on the fly. While Capricorn might not be the most romantic sign in the zodiac, it does reward those who are patient, persistent and willing to work for what they want. A potential negative, though, is a tendency to seek a position of dominance. While it may be sexy to some people to be with a strong-willed individual, real intimacy is inhibited when control, rather than sharing, is a primary mode of operation.

A more egalitarian approach to others emerges on Saturday morning when the Moon moves into unconventional Aquarius. This intellectual sign makes plenty of room for divergent ideas and values. Experimentation instead of adhering to tradition is a key characteristic of innovative Aquarius. Still, the apparent openness and emotional availability it represents can be misleading. That’s because a greater need for space allows us to get friendly, but not necessarily close enough to take a relationship to a deeper level. In fact, brainy Mercury’s high-frequency square with Aquarius’ unorthodox ruling planet Uranus sparks original ideas and unique experiences, as well as impulsive remarks that aren’t necessarily endearing.

Conversations are likely to grow more complex on Sunday when communicative Mercury aligns in a challenging right angle with secretive Pluto. Words cut deeply, but silence can hurt even more. We may be in a more somber state of mind, but for courageous individuals, this is an opportunity to dive into dark areas and address profound concerns.