Deity of the Day for June 15 is Ilmata

Deity of the Day


is the Goddess of Creativity in the culture of the Finnish-Ugrian peoples. She is the daughter of the North wind and her endless stream of ideas and creative powers turned her into the mother of the skies, the creatrix of all living beings. Her laughing created the winds, and from her hair she combed the first people. She gave birth to the first hero of his culture, Vainäämoinen, who was one of the wisest people from his very early days on. Ilmata gifted him with song and music, and he could sing and play his instruments so fabulously that he could tame all wild animals with his songs.

Ilmata comes riding into your life on the North wind to add some power to your creativity. How many ideas did you have lately that you did not act out? How often do you really take the time to build something from the material you have gathered, and do you really write down the funny story that came to your mind recently? Maybe you´re lacking the know-how – why not visit a workshop where someone teaches you how to paint, sculpt, write? Do something with yourself and your valuable ideas. Play with the many opportunities you have. Don´t wait until others accompany you – take the lump of clay, the empty painting paper, the new document in your computer, gather the spirits of your creativity, and do it!