Sunshine Brew Glycerin Body Soap

4    cups melt and pour glycerin soap base

2    tablespoons sunshine brew

Ground sunshine brew herbs (dried)

Yellow soap dye (optional, but if you do not use dye for this recipe, your

soap will appear a faint, murky yellow-green)

Soap molds or square Pyrex dish

4    vitamin E gel capsules

Grind sunshine herbs into a finer mixture-especially the ginger, this should be powdered. Follow soap-melting instructions as given on the package. Once soap has melted, with ladle, transfer soap to your Pyrex measuring cup. (If you melted the soap in the cup in the microwave, transfer won’t be necessary.) Whisk in desired amount of color and scent by following instructions given with those products. Add the two tablespoons of sunshine brews, and whisk. Add desired amount of herbs. Some individuals like very few herbs in their soaps, where others like a more generous amount–just remember that herbals can clog your drain if they are too large or you use too much. Break vitamin E gel capsules and add the liquid to your soap mixture. Vitamin E will help to preserve the chamomile. Makes approximately ten 6-ounce soaps.