Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for May 27 – 29

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Be In the Moment

May 27 – 29

The weekend begins with a “live for the moment” attitude with the Moon speeding through spontaneous Aries on Friday and Saturday. This lunar placement provides a spark for those stuck in a dull relationship or people looking to meet someone new. The beauty of this restless Aries Moon is that it encourages us to think less and act more. Sure, there are some mistakes that can come from that kind of approach, however, when it comes to matters of the heart it may be better to play the game awkwardly than to sit on the fence and not do anything at all. There’s a sense of immediacy that helps us know what we want without having to over-analyze our intentions.

Don’t let doubt or despair get in the way on Friday as the Moon’s hard aspects with planetary tough guys Saturn and Pluto will be behind us by sundown. A lack of lunar connections makes Saturday a kind of free day when we are less bound by limitations and rules. Explore new people and places, or take a partner somewhere he or she has never been before. Instead of trying to control events, it’s helpful to follow our instincts and see where they lead us.

On Sunday morning, the Moon enters earthy Taurus, slowing down the emotional pace and inviting a bit of self-indulgence. Breakfast in bed or a sumptuous brunch fills the belly and warms the heart. There’s less need for explanations now as the Moon’s message is to simply enjoy the delights of the senses in all their delicious forms.