Let me apologize for Today’s Postings

I will try to make this as brief as possible. I am going to put the Daily Horoscopes, Tarot and Runes on today. I just hate that I am running so late in doing so.  I woke up this morning ready to go and get everything done. Then I got hit in the face by a brick, my husband of almost 30 years walked off and left me. Apparently for a younger woman, which is hilarious considering I am ten years younger than him. So I laid down in the floor and cried myself back to sleep. I woke up about 30 minutes ago with good sense now. I realize I have a lot to get done. One of the most important is getting my car running. It broke down last year and a couple of months ago, my husband told me why. The mean, vicious “person” had put a curse on it. He hated the car, was mad because I bought it and cursed it. I ought to have seen then what a loving, sweet person he was but dumb bunny me, let it go. Now I am up the creek without a paddle. I have no family they have all passed on. I do have two children but I am not bothering them with my problems. I know my husband might be a Druid but I believe I am one hell of a stronger witch than he will ever be. After I do my internet postings, I am going to remove the curse from my car, jump it and air up a tire. Good thing I use to work in an automotive repair shop not as a mechanic though. I feel like I was born in a garage. But I wanted to let you know what was going on and have a little patience with me please. I know things around here are going to get tight. I have a huge house payment and utilities to boot. So to keep the luxuries like the internet (and to keep me from going crazy), you might see a donation’s button pop up. I hate to do it but we have to do things we don’t want to do occasionally. And right now, I am getting ready to do a lot of things I shouldn’t but I am. I have been a good witch long enough as far as my marriage goes and now I am getting ready to turn into the nasty witch of the west. There is a lot more you don’t know and evidentially I will tell it but right now just bear with me. And please don’t think I am terrible for turning into the nasty witch as far as my ex goes.

Well you are up dated on my life, I am off to get the horoscopes and see what kind of day I was supposed to have. I hope everyone has a great day and enjoy your three-day weekend.

Blessings to you and yours!