Today’s Tarot Card for April 9th

Today’s Tarot Card for April 9th


The Fool 

Full Meaning: Key Words for the Fool Tarot Card Meaning
* Innocence
* Beginning
* Simplicity
* Fresh Start
* Blind Faith

The Fool Tarot card meaning deals with that youthful exhuberance we feel when starting out on a new adventure or taking a journey of faith. We feel anticipation, butterflies flutter in our stomach, and our skin prickles with excitement…our journey is underway – we’re unstoppable!

However, along with this passion comes impetuousness. The Fool makes no plans, or gives no thought to possible complications along the way. Happy to be doing something different, the Fool blindly sets out where all else may fear to tread.

When contemplating the Fool Tarot card meaning, I think of Joseph Campbell’s landslide statement: “Follow your bliss.” We can see this attitude in this card, which is wonderful. But, we must also note the lack of care about consequences – blind faith is the Fool’s only guide.

Key Symbols:
This section focuses in on a few select symbols that can help us further define the Fool Tarot card meaning.

The Dog: Dogs typically represent loyalty and faithfulness. In this case, the dog symbolizes our reward when we express true faith on our path. As we continue to step out in faith, and blindly follow our bliss we shall gain the loyalty and recognition from people, places and events in our lives. Other Tarot decks depict the dog loyaly tugging at the Fools robes, preventing his fall into the chasm below. Yet another confirmation that when the Fool continues on his mission of passion, protection is available, and the details miraculously fall into place.

Knap Sack: How long do you think the contents of the little knap are going to sustain our hearty fool? Exactly, here again, the Fool is taking little time to consider the practical matters of his journey. However, what if the knap sack contains something far greater than consumables. Look closely at the image. Some say it resembles testicles, and these represent the seed of the Fool’s philosophical offspring. In short, as the Fool sows, so too shall he reap. This depiction is a reminder of personal responsibility. We all carry the seed of consequence upon our own journey.

The Rose: Again, hitting home that balance of the two messages this card represents: Blind, beautiful faith is equal to the beauty of the rose and a caution to heed the voice of reason/ practicality are evidenced in its thorns. The rose is the driving force – the desired goal for which the Fool strives. The color indicates it is a worthy goal for which to strive – white, the color of purity assures us the adventure is worth every step.

Key Questions:
When contemplating the Fool Tarot card meaning, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I following my dreams?
Am I honoring my prime passion?
What would the Fool do in my situation?
What do I value most…my beliefs or my image?
Do I fear adventure or do I fear practicality?
If my life is my message…what kind of message am I sending?