Pagan Studies – Protection of Ancestors Spell

Pagan Studies – Protection of Ancestors Spell
Place pictures of your ancestors and those who have passed and are important to you in a circle on an altar table.
Light a candle in the northern corner of the table. Light some incense, clear your mind, and say:
Here I see the line of love,
Stretching down from above.
Kinsmen whose love never leaves,
Protect me in my time of need.
Place a photo of yourself in the middle of the table. See the circle of love around you and know you are blessed. Blow out the candle and imagine the smoke from this and the incense carrying your wishes to your kin.  
Today is tomb-sweeping day in Taiwan. Further honor your ancestors by tending their graves or keeping their memories alive by writing their stories for the generations to come.
By: Nancy Bennet