When A Winner Loses, He Always Comes Back To Be A Better Winner

When A Winner Loses, He Always Comes Back
To Be A Better Winner

Refuse to remain fallen.

Refuse to quit.

Refuse to give up.

Refuse to accept a ‘No’ from life.

To fail without putting in the efforts is wrong, but failure in itself can never be wrong. Dare to fail, for only those who fail enough can succeed enough. More than any one single factor, it is your fear of failure that is going to leave you as a failure.

No new venture guarantees success and no new diversification promises profits. Champions understand that it is better to face outstanding failures than mediocre successes. Only those who are willing to persist in spite of temporary set backs, only those who are willing to persevere in spite of midway failures, only those who would not succumb to defeats, can finally sign their own success stories.

Failure is a parenthesis inside which success hides and history makers dig them out through relentless striving against all those failures. Life cannot be punctuated with success alone; failure too will find its imprints.

There is no sunrise without sunset.

There is no life without death.

There is no success without failures.

Learn from your failures and move on. Keep on keeping on. When a winner loses, always come back to be better winner.

Sri T. T. Rangarajan, Editor, Frozen Thoughts