The best time to perform this spell is during the Full Moon, although, you can
also do it on a Friday during the Waxing Moon.
-Bowl of spring water
-herbs for beauty, such as lavender and catnip,
-a white rose that has been separated from the stem, -mirror.
A ritual bath or purification ritual is recommended before performing this spell to
sort-of ‘clean the slate’ and allow magic to start anew.
Cast the circle and become calm and centered. Sit or stand facing the West.
Pour the spring water into the bowl and hold it up to the Western corner. Say:
I hail to the West and the forces of Water.
Hear and aid me in this magick tonight.
Grant me your beauty,
Shape and form this face and body
and let me radiate with self-love.
With harm towards none,
and for the free will of all, So mote it be.
Set afloat the rose on top of the water and stir it with your fingers three times round in a clockwise motion.
Take the flower out of the water and hold it in your hands. Say:
By the powers of the West,
The forces of Water,
I charge this flower with love.
Beauty is here,
It shines with the power.
Beauty is here,
Contained in this flower.
Keep the flower in a box along with catnip and/or lavender to remind you of your true beauty.
If a friend or loved one needs the power of love and beauty, tell them the story of the rose you
have blessed and give them the rose to continue it’s power. I hope you enjoyed this spell, and
I hope you see the true beauty with your hearts.