Daily Motivator for 3/31 – Rise above the troubles

Rise above the troubles

Many of the things that trouble you are not nearly as troubling as you make them out to be. Much of what frustrates you is frustrating primarily because you have chosen to see it that way.

What if you decided to see things differently? What if, instead of being so desperately troubled by all the troubles, you could simply accept them, deal with them, and move forward in your own way?

Certainly there are very real and important challenges that you must give your time and serious attention to. Yet how many of the other, more trivial things, keep you feeling down simply because you’ve blown them out of perspective?

Every so often as you go through the day, take just a moment to remind yourself how truly blessed you are. When you catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself, choose to turn it around and feel sincerely thankful instead.

Even the difficulties remind you of how fully alive you are. And alive in this world of endless possibilities is a very good thing to be.

Rise above the troubles. From a perspective of gratitude, you’ll see most of them are not nearly as troubling as you once thought.

— Ralph Marston