What a glorious Tuesday!

Good morning, well good afternoon! I am sorry I am running so late. I emailed a friend this morning and as usual, I wrote too much. What can I say I am just full of it today, lol! I feel good. I am in a good mood and all is right in the world. If that was only true. Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to wake up one morning and on the news hear nothing but good news. I remember several years ago, a witch had asked that all Pagans come together on one certain day to cast a spell for world peace. Just for one day. I was new to the internet and I am ashamed to say, I didn’t participate. But I do remember I was anxious to watch the evening news. I remember that there really wasn’t that much violence that day. I know the witch that started that must have been very happy. She had accomplished something our world leaders couldn’t even if it was for just one day. I have started one campaign of my own. You might have heard about it or seen it on the net, “I AM A WITCH.” It had a purple ribbon that went with it and it spread like wildfire across the net. I believe witches came out of the woodwork to show their solidarity. I wonder how a campaign for world peace would work now? I wonder if enough people would participate to actually make a difference? Now I got my little brain to working, I am going to have to think about another world peace day. Really there is nothing to lose, if we do set a date. Who knows, we might do some good! Could you live a day without killings, suicide bombers, murders, abuse and Goddess knows what else? Think about it.