WOTC’s Spell of the Day for 3/27: See No Evil Amulet

This spell keeps other people from seeing you when you are doing something you don’t want anyone else to know about.

Best time to perform this spell:

  • During the new moon

  • When the Sun or Moon is in Scorpio

  • On Mondays or Saturdays

Ingredients or supplies needed:

  • A black pouch

  • A black ribbon

  • A piece of smoky quartz

  • A piece of jet, onyx or other black gemstones

  • Heliotrope essential oil

  • Clippings of your hair and fingernails

  1. Rub heliotrope oil on the stones, then slip them into the pouch.

  2. Add your hair and nail clippings to the pouch.

  3. Tie the black ribbon around the pouch to close it.

  4. Make nine knots in the ribbon, and each time you tie a knot, repeat this incantation:

Whatever I do,

Wherever I go,

No one will see

No one will know.”

Carry the pouch in your pocket or wear it around your neck whenever you want to be “invisible.”