Herb of the Day: Marigold

Herb of the Day: Marigold (Caledula officinalis)
Also known as Bride of the Sun, Drunkard, Marybud, Goldes, Summer Bride. A Druid sacred herb.

…Parts Used: Flower and leaf

Magickal Uses: To strengthen and comfort the heart, pick marigolds at noon, when the sun is the hottest. To strengthen eyesight, gaze at marigolds. Garlands strung on door posts will prevent evil from entering the home. Scattered under the bed or placed in the mattress, they will protect you when you sleep and encourage prophetic dreams. Carry in your pocket when in court (legal) for a fair and just ruling. A legend is that when a girl touches the petals of the marigolds with bare feet, she will be able to understand the language of the birds. Add marigold to your bath to win the respect and admiration of your peers.

The history of the marigold’s use with aiding sight and providing visions to reclaim property indicate that the petals may be used alone or mixed with a dry incense to consecrate tools of divination. Indeed, Marigold petals may be gathered and dried and strew around the Circle to provide the magick of consecration and sight with a protective flavor.

There are few flowers better for rituals of death and dying than Marigolds. The dried petals may be added to incense, petals may be strewn in the path of the casket or urn and the Marigold may be planted at the gravesite. When giving honor to the beloved who has passed over, using Marigold will add a special, loving magick.

Medicinal properties: stomach cramps and diarrhea, fever, vomiting, salves, sores
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