Chakra Breathing Meditation


Chakra Breathing Meditation


1 Stretch in the way you need to release any tension.
2 Sit comfortably with spine erect and self supporting.

Chakra Breathing
1 Place attention on part of body that corresponds to charka. You can
press with a finger on the appropriate part of the body to help get a
physical sensation at first.
2 Visualise and feel Universal Energy flow into the charka with your in breath.
3 Visualise and feel your energy going out to the universe with your out

Start with doing the front and rear aspects of each charka separately
When this is becomes easy do both front and rear charka simultaneously
So that you are breathing in both front and back to the centre at the same
Time, and then breathing out to both front and rear from centre at the same
Further to this you can add spinning of the chakras. Remember the right
Hand rule for the healthy direction of spin.

Start with the base chakra and move up each in turn until you have done
The crown. Take several breathes until you feel the chakra is clear, charged
and balanced. You can spend extra time on chakras that you feel the need
To. Finish by moving directly from crown to base, skipping the others, and
breathing at the base until you feel well grounded.

Take a few moments to feel the effects all over the body.

Aos Sidhe Blessings
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