Weekend Lunar Lovescopes for 3/11 – 3/12: Fun & Flirty

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Fun and Flirty

March 11 – 13

Energy is up, edgy and moving fast on Friday and Saturday. It’s an ideal time for quick wit and clever conversation with the Moon in communicative Gemini. Flirting is to be expected, which makes it hard to know who is serious about connecting and who just wants to play. In fact, emotions can skitter from hot to cold and back again in this highly changeable sign. Nerves are running on adrenaline, making this a better time for activities that don’t require much patience.

Unorthodox Uranus’ entry into dynamic Aries on Friday increases a taste for novelty, so breaking routine is a must for entertaining yourself or your partner. Luckily, the Moon’s harmonious 120-degree trine with loving Venus adds the perfect dose of sweetness to the mix. Maintaining a sense of humor and keeping conversations casual are more conducive methods to romance than tackling serious subjects.

The Moon’s visit to jaunty Gemini provides a playful atmosphere on Saturday, but the mood is likely to be very different by Sunday morning. A lunar shift into caring, cuddly and cautious Cancer increases sensitivity, requiring a more careful approach to romance. Insecurities can swim close to the surface even in the most solid relationships. Creating a sense of safety is needed to establish trust. Familiar foods, activities and places, as well as sharing happy memories are good ways to put everyone on more solid ground.