Greetings on the 10th day of March with the theme of Balance.

Greetings on the 10th day of March with the theme of Balance. 
This is a Receiving/Accepting Affirmation in the second week of the month. 
Make this a balanced day!

I allow balance to flow through me and to act as me.

Today’s affirmation challenges us to BECOME balance, to BE balance.  As
balance flows through us, we become familiar with its vibration.  In order
for something to “act as” us, we must become it.  We must BE what we
desire.  Balance is not something outside ourselves, but inside.  Other
people’s perceptions of our sense of balance may be interesting
information (worthy of an appropriate amount of our attention as a piece
of data), yet our own perceptions about balance are essential for our
health and satisfaction.

To enhance your process as you say or work with today’s affirmation,
consider these questions.  As you FEEL balance flow through you, what does
it feel like?  As you SEE balance flow through you, what does it look
like?  As you SENSE balance flow through you, what do you sense?  As you
LISTEN to the sounds of balance, what do you hear?  As you VIBRATE to
balance, what do you become?  These questions expand your consciousness
about balance so that you can more easily become at one with it.

Copyright Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant