Today’s Goddess: ADITI

Today’s Goddess: ADITI

Butter Festival (Tibet)

Themes: Luck; Change; Perspective; Time; Protection; Prosperity; Overcoming Obstacles; Divination.
Symbols: Butter; the Number Twelve; Anything that Changes Shape
About Aditi: Aditi means “unfettered.” In India she represents the infinite sky and the boundlessness of time and space. She offers us this expansive perspective-one in which we are citizens of eternity. Additionally, Aditi is a protector who aids in averting or surmounting difficulties. In regional prayers, people refer to her as the ever-young protectress who guides life’s boat safely through the roughest waters.
To Do Today: Buddhists believe that the world is transient-that only spirit is eternal. The Butter Festival illustrates this concept with huge butter statues of heroes that are torn, distributed to participants for luck, or tossed in a river to melt away into time. Following this custom, take out an ice cube. Relax and watch the ice as it melts. Consider: Is the ice still there, even though it’s gone? Similarly, does the spirit exist outside its “shape”-the body?
For a less ponderous way of honoring Aditi, light twelve candles (yellow is ideal) and watch the flame. Hindus use butter lamps instead, but this is far easier! If the flames appear dark red, your spirit is filled with strife. Mottled flames indicate weakness, tall flames symbolize mental clarity, crescent-shaped ones reveal a peaceful soul, and round ones proclaim magical power.

By Patricia Telesco