Greetings! Our theme is Balance.

Greetings! Our theme is Balance. This second week of the month we work with receiving and accepting balance.
Following today’s affirmation are comments about the affirmation, suggestions for your process, and information
about related articles. Make this a smooth day!
I receive messages of balance from the Universe.
I flow like a smooth river in this balance.
About Today’s Affirmation
The balance of the Universe is infallible. In the narrowness of our human focus, we often cannot see the perfection of it all. When it is hardest to see, that is the time when we most need to trust, to put ourselves in the hands of the divine. It is easy to trust when we can see the evidence of balance in the outer world. Now, however, we are called upon to trust at a deeper level, to trust in the invisible rather than the visible. We let the universal river carry us.
About Your Process
Consider several areas of life that you try hard to balance, try to make balance — perhaps work and play, your checkbook, fairness or honesty in a particular relationship, food, or reactions. Notice how you use your weekend to try to achieve a balance for the week’s activities. Remind yourself of the over-arching intention you set for balance. Look deeply at your own image or interpretation of “flow like a smooth river” or maybe it is a bubbling brook or raging ocean or deep pool or shallow puddle. What do you need to accept into your life to experience balance as you desire it?
Copyright Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant