Daily Crystal: Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

This Tourmaline is a very good grounding crystal for the emotions. It is also very good for grounding one during crystal healing layouts. It does not hold you back from going as far as you can go, it does help bring you back when you are ready, and more to the point, it grounds the Healing energy and information gained in the layout/meditative state enabling you to integrate what you have received and learned into your physical body and consciousness.

Black Tourmaline when held in the hand will relieve the symptoms of allergies noticeably within 10 minutes, if you do not feel a difference within that time, swap the Tourmaline between hands. It is also good for holding if you get a fright.

Black Tourmaline is very useful for people who are having trouble sleeping, either put it in your groin region or in your hand, even under your pillow and you will have a quality sleep and will awake feeling energized and ready to take on the day ahead with vigor.


Crystal Meaning
The Wall. One of the most protective of crystals. It centres and grounds energy, whilst forming a protective barrier shielding one against all forms of subtle negative energy. Inside the user it promotes a very decisive energy which acts fast, dispelling illusions and provoking immediate action. Outside the user it reflects energy back to the point of origin. It closes auric leaks and hides weaknesses. In magic use its an excellent ward.
Magical use; Defense, Protection, Warding, Clearing, Grounding.
Healing use; Clearing, grounding, Methodical thinking, mental disorders.
Protection – Use 4 Pieces. 1st hold all four and focus the mind on the crystals working together. 2nd Place around an areaTourmaline_Black_Form for Meditation, Sleep or Ritual.
Physical Properties
Prismatic crystals formed mostly vertically & striated. It forms in granites and pegmatites, as well as metamorphic rocks, it may be found near Beryl, Zircon, Quartz and Feldspar. Colours – Tourmaline occurs in Black, Green, Red Rubellite, Blue and Watermelon. Group SILICATES, Hardness 7-7.5.