“The Goddess Companion”

At first there was nothing. The there was a void, which
was more than nothing. Then there was the earth our
home, like a woman with ample breasts, solid and deep.
Then there came love, which is among all things the
most beautiful, for it softens all of us and leads us into
dalliance and play and joy where otherwise would be all
prudent work and somber labor. Then earth surrounded
herself with sky and labored to produce high mountains
 and the surging sea, while the void gave birth to darkness
and night. And the void fell in love with night and they,
 together, conceived. Their children: light and day,
children of the dark.
~Greek Poet Hesiod, Theogony
After the void comes to life, and life comes with love. So the ancients tell us, in myth after myth. Much wisdom resides in these ancient stories, which employ magnificent images to show us the realities of our world.
In one of the most ancient Greek stories of creation, light is born of darkness and the void. The void is sister of the earth, which supports and sustains us. The earth can produce without assistance, so fertile is she. But the void must first express its darkest side and accept that with love. Only then can light burst forth.
There are lessons in the dark times as well as in those filled with light. What darkness within does winter make you fear? Why not embrace all the parts of yourself, the apparently negative as well as the beaming goodness? Why can you not love yourself, just as you are?
By Patricia Monaghan