Goddess Candle God Candle Incense Green Candle Good Luck Oil
Black Candle Banishing Oil Petitioner Candle (see astral chart)
Place the Petitioner candle beneath the Goddess candle and place the green and black
candles beneath the God candle on the altar.
Light the incense. Anoint the black candle with banishing oil and say,
“I empower this candle to absorb all negative forces acting upon me.
As this candle burns, let it’s powers engulf all obstacles in my way,
leaving my path clear for success.”
Light the black candle.
Anoint green candle with good luck oil and say,
“I empower this candle to bring me good luck, prosperity and
success in acquiring a new and better job.
As this candle burns, so might it be a beacon for good fortune and prosperity.”
Light the green candle.
You need not anoint the petitioner candle, but focus strongly on this person
(if it is yourself, see yourself in your new job) as you light it, saying,
“As this candle represents {name}, let it be a beacon for positive forces and energies.
As this candle burns bright, so does the light of {names}’s heart burn bright
with ambition and desire for a new, better job.”
Concentrate firmly, directing your power to the petitioner candle, which is receiving the
energy from the green candle that is burning. After ten minutes or so of concentration,
extinguish the candles in the reverse order in which you lit them.
Each day, repeat the spell, moving the green candle two inches closer to the petitioner.
Your spell is complete when the two candles touch.