New Moon Report for 3/4: New Moon in Pisces


New Moon in Pisces

Friday, March 4, 12:46 pm PST, 3:46 pm EST

The New Moon in Pisces initiates a fresh cycle of spiritual awareness and an awakening of compassion and creativity. Assertive Mars’ close proximity to this Sun-Moon conjunction adds a gentle push to help make the magic happen. Oceanic Pisces carries us with waves of emotion that may sometimes feel overwhelming, but if we learn to go with the flow instead of fighting it, we’ll find the currents to carry us to higher ground. Aiming too low or merely trying to get by gets us lost in swamps of self-pity and impotence, instead of soaring with the wings of faith and imagination.

The New Moon in spiritual Pisces sows seeds of imagination and faith. It’s a time for dreams, some of which will dissipate like clouds but others may gather strength and deliver on their promises. Letting minds wander is not a waste of energy or a mere distraction; it’s the ground from which great ideas can grow.