Today’s Goddess: BONA DEA

Today’s Goddess:   BONA DEA

Matronella (Rome)
Themes: Femininity; Blessing; Fertility; Divination; Abundance
Symbols: Vines; Wine
About Bona Dea:   Bona Dea’s name literally means “good goddess.” Her energies come into our lives at the outset of this month, offering all good things, especially fertility and a greater appreciation of the goddess within each of us.
Traditionally, Bona Dea is a women’s Goddess who received offerings of wine in exchange for prophetic insights during her observances.
To Do Today: On March 1, February was escorted out of Rome with a flourish of adaptable activities. Exchange sweet gifts as the Romans did to ensure yourself of a sweeter future. Greet a friend with Bona Dea’s name to invoke her blessings on them. Put up a grapevine wreath fashioned like a heart (or other symbol of something you need), and leave a glass of wine on your altar to honor Bona Dea’s presence in your home and your life.
In Rome, female slaves would get this day off, and the head of the house would wait on them. In modern times this equates to switching roles for a day at home. Whoever normally gets up and fixes breakfast gets to sleep in, whoever normally does chores gets to go out and socialize, and so forth. Bona Dea appreciates the considerate gesture as much as you do and will rain her goodness upon your home. 


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