Runecast for Tuesday March 1

Today we have Perthro of Heimdall’s Aett Perthro pronounced “perth-row” (P: Lot cup or vagina) Uncertain meaning, a secret matter, a mystery, hidden things and occult abilities. Initiation, knowledge of one’s destiny, knowledge of future matters, determining the future or your path. Pertaining to things feminine, feminine mysteries including female fertility, and vagina. Good lot, fellowship and joy. Evolutionary change.

Ripples on the water show the deep place. The appearance of something hidden. Look for the roots of events. You may be surprised at the way some of the events in your life are shaping up, especially if someone is paying you special attention, or you have recently benefited financially. This rune reminds us that not all of our life is self-evident and on the surface. There is a deep, hidden process taking place which shows itself only indirectly, in odd little ways. You will overlook something important now if you are not attentive to small details and the subtle ways in which things can be revealed. So try to guess what is going on beneath surface appearances. For example, if someone gives you a present, or on the other hand, is rude and offensive, perhaps they are secretly in love with you. However, at the same time, be cautious now with your own hidden motives because others may catch on to them without you realizing it.

Perthro Reversed or Merkstave: Addiction, stagnation, loneliness, malaise. (Note: the reversed or merkstave definitions are included only for reference as they apply to a multi-rune cast and not to a single rune that’s drawn blind from the pouch)

As with all, take only what feels right to you and disregard the rest.

**a portion of today’s rune meaning/description was kindly provided by Ingrid Halvorsen at and used here with her gracious permission**

In the Light…


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