Daily Motivator for 2/28 – You can keep going

You can keep going

Even when the going gets rough, you can keep going. After all, you’ve been doing it all your life.A disappointing result will stop you only if you assume that it is supposed to stop you. However, you can just as easily assume that all your results are prompting you to keep going.

After all, when you’re getting results of any kind, you’re making a difference. If the results are not to your liking, you can fine-tune your efforts and greatly improve those results.

Many things are simply not going to happen with just one, or three, or even a dozen attempts. Yet anything becomes possible with enough persistence.

Keep going, and allow your efforts to build upon one another. Keep going, and transform the disappointments into achievements.

You have what it takes to keep going, because all it ever takes is just one more step forward. Keep going, and work your way steadily to the richest rewards you can imagine.

— Ralph Marston